From ice cream to chocolate.

We are one of the most innovative ice cream creators and trusted partner of the biggest food companies around the world. We first started to create Leone chocolate for the needs of ice cream production and then expanded our capabilities to create chocolate as a stand-alone product.

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Our Leone chocolate mission

We’re on a mission to be an innovative, agile, and flexible chocolate creator. We innovate and deliver you advanced chocolate recipes that will improve your end product so you can delight your customers. We create  chocolates for end consumers as well.


Decades of experience

Compay Incom have state of the art ice cream and chocolate manufacturing facility and new products development center. Daily we produce more than 1.5 millions ice cream and chocolate products. We develop wholesale and bulk chocolate, as well as your own branded chocolate products . We create great tasting chocolate with amazing texture that is developed at the highest standards. Step in touch with us and we will be excited to work with you on your next innovative chocolate product.

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Your chocolate. Our passion

Check what chocolate products we have to offer. We have a diverse range of thermostable and melting chocolate that you can use to create your chocolate products and desserts. You can expect new innovative chocolate products from us regularly.

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Licensed chocolate

We are creating different kinds of licensed chocolate. Improve your chocolate offering for children with licensed chocolate such as Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Transformers, and others. You can also expect new licensed chocolate from us regularly.

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Leone Brand

The most innovative and trendy ice creams for everyday moments.

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Leone Corporate

Visit our corporate website and check our ice cream development services.

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Leone AL!VE Brand

Guilt free ice cream. High in protein & low in sugars and calories.

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